Volume 27 (1) – February 2012

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Steven Nafziger Serfdom, Emancipation, and Off-farm Labour Mobility in Tsarist Russia 1
Qiang Chen The Needham Puzzle Reconsidered: The Protection of Industrial and Commercial Property Rights 38
Chiarra Cazzuffi and Alexander Moradi Membership Size and Cooperative Performance: Evidence from Ghanaian Cocoa Producers Societies,1930-36 67
Joerg Baten and Julia Muschallik
The Global Status of Economic History 93
Johan Fourie and Stefan Schirmer The Future of South African Economic History 114
Sophia du Plessis and Stan du Plessis Happy in the Service of the Company: The Purchasing Power of VOC Salaries at the Cape in the 18th Century 125
Justine Burns and Malcolm Keswell
Inheriting the Future: Intergenerational Persistence of Educational Status in KwaZulu-Natal 150
Johannes Fedderke and Charles Simkins Economic Growth in South Africa 176