Volume 27 (Supplement) – March 2012

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Johan Fourie The Roots of Development S1
Grietjie Verhoef Introduction S2
Nicholas Crafts Economic History Matters S3
Jan Luiten van Zanden In Good Company: About Agency and Economic Development in Global Perspective S16
Stanley Engerman and Kenneth Sokoloff Colonisation and Development S28
Åževket Pamuk Political Power and Institutional Change: Lessons from the Middle East S41
Tirthankar Roy Beyond Divergence: Rethinking the Economic History of India S57
Joerg Baten and Matthias Blum Growing Tall but Unequal: New Findings and New Background Evidence on Anthropometric Welfare in 156 Countries, 1810-1989 S66
Anne McCants Public Welfare and Economic Growth S86
Robert McGuire Demography, Disease, and Development: An Evolutionary Approach S92
Nathan Nunn Culture and the Historical Process S108
Walter Friedman Predicting the Next Panic: The Pioneering Economic Forecasters and their Legacies S127
Kenneth Pomeranz Contemporary Development and Economic History: How do we Know what Matters? S136