Volume 26 (2) – December 2011

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Alfonso Herranz-Loncán
The Role Of Railways In Export-led Growth: The Case Of Uruguay, 1870–1913 1
Surajit Mazumdar The State, Industrialisation and Competition: A Reassessment of India’s Leading Business Enterprises Under Dirigisme 33
Denis Cogneau, Léa Rouanet Living Conditions in Côte D’ivoire and Ghana, 1925–1985: What do Survey Data on Height Stature Tell Us? 55
Grietjie Verhoef The Globalisation of South African Conglomerates, 1990–2009 83
A.G. Hopkins Causes and Confusions in African History 107
Morten Jerven A Clash of Disciplines? Economists and Historians Approaching the African Past 111
James Fenske The Causal History of Africa: Replies to Jerven and Hopkins 125